Escondido, CA

Rosalie “Rose” Gwen Hofer, 72

Rosalie “Rose” Gwen Hofer passed away on January 20, 2021 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was 72.

Rose Hofer was born on August 26 1948 in Mt. Vernon, Illinois to Jacqueline Pearl (Johnston) Hofer and James Hershel Hofer. In 1966 Rose married Stephen John Elbert and after a short time they moved to St. Louis, Missouri before moving to San Diego, California for 10 years, and then moving a half hour north to Escondido, California to raise her children on a quaint beautiful farm. In 2004 Rose moved to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Rose received degrees in business, anatomy and kinesiology, and advanced degrees and certifications in Sports Medicine and Teaching. She was a gourmet cook and baker and worked as a massage therapist, and as a certified athletic trainer, for high schools and colleges in San Diego, California. 

She also worked with professional teams like the San Diego Chargers and professional golf tournaments. She was renowned for her healing touch. When she moved to Texas she worked passionately as a Health Science Instructor and a director for the Texas Health Occupations Students of America association, earning lasting respect from many students and colleagues for always – lovingly – holding them to the highest standards.

In her retirement Rose was passionate about creating beautiful quilts for friends and family as well as giving hundreds of masks she made to keep people safe during the COVID virus outbreak. 

Rose was a dedicated and beloved grandmother, mother, teacher and friend who created deep, loving relationships wherever she went. She will be missed for her deep and simple love towards family and friends, for helping where she saw a need – and for her passion for teaching, drawing from her extensive experience spanning time, geography, socio-economics and topics. 

She is preceded in death by her sister Janice Elaine Hofer; brother Arthur “Butch” Olin Hofer; parents James and Jaqueline Hofer, and Steven John Elbert. Survivors include her daughter Jennifer Rose Elbert-Rasmussen; sons Michael Steven Elbert and Phillip Steven Elbert; 7 grandchildren: Ian Elbert, James Elbert, Gabriel Elbert-Rasmussen, Jonathan Elbert, Isaac Elbert (Gabriella Flores-Elbert), Ellyanna Elbert-Rasmussen and Evalis (Eva) Elbert-Rasmussen; brother and sister-in-law David and Susan Hofer; son-in-law: Lars Rasmussen of Escondido; daughters-in-law Caressa Elbert and Jennie Elbert. 

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