Escondido, CA

Romantic California rain doesn’t dampen Chocolate Festival

The rains last Saturday did nothing to dampen the For Love of Chocolate Festival put on by the Downtown Business Association.

“No not at all,” said DBA President Alex MachLachlan,  who puts on the festival each year. California rain is romantic.”

The festival, he said, was sold-out the day before the event, including two sold- out chocolate making classes held at Cute Cakes and conducted by Dayleen from D’Liteful Chocolat of San Marcos. “We could have sold many more tickets, but we limited the event to 350 tickets and 50 chocolate making class tickets, so that our downtown businesspeople can both meet all the newcomers to their stores and restaurants and conduct regular business at the same time,” he said.

“We added four pedi-cabs this year, which helped attendees get out to the furthest locations on the tasting map. That helped a lot. The pedi-cabs were sponsored by Design Moe Kitchen and Bath, Stone and Glass, Distinction Gallery, Minx Spa, Photographer’s Eye, and Spiritivity.”

He concluded, “Early feedback from downtown merchants has been extremely positive, with assessments that this year’s event was the best yet and at the end of the day we hold a giveaway which brings most of the 350 attendees back to Will Call and gives us a chance  to ask event goers their thoughts on the event. We had so much good feedback from happy people, who didn’t know how diverse downtown Escondido’s businesses are. They were really happy to meet the business owners and to make a personal connection with such interesting and engaging people.”

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