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Roberts concedes 3rd District Election

San Diego Supervisor Dave Roberts on Monday conceded the closely fought race for County Supervisor.

Roberts led on Election Night with close to 2,300 votes. With more than 226,000 ballots counted in the District 3 race, Kristin Gaspar has gained enough votes over the past 20 days to now lead by 1,242 votes. 50.27% Gaspar 49.73% Roberts, which is less than half of a percent (.54%). Registrar of Voters Michael Vu estimates only 1,000 or less ballots remain to be counted in District 3.

Roberts called Kristin Gaspar Monday morning. “I called Kristin to congratulate her and offer my sincere help in transitioning the office to her between now and early January when she takes office,” he said.

Gaspar issued this statement: “I ran on a platform of fiscal accountability, support for public safety, and addressing our inadequate mental health programs and exploding homeless crisis. There will be a lot of change at the county in the next four years and I’m looking forward to getting to work on those issues and make a difference for our taxpayers.”

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