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Rincon Del Diablo’s Thomas appointed to LAFCO committee

Rincon Del Diablo Gen. Mgr. Greg Thomas

Rincon Del Diablo Gen. Mgr. Greg Thomas

Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District general manager Greg Thomas was appointed as a member of the Special Districts Advisory Committee of San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission.

Thomas and two other new Special Districts Advisory Committee members were appointed by a unanimous vote February 20. “I’m excited about it,” Thomas said.

LAFCO handles jurisdictional boundary changes including city incorporations, annexations, consolidations, and detachments. LAFCO’s Special Districts Advisory Committee, which consists of 16 members in the absence of vacancies, makes recommendations for the LAFCO board to consider. The Special Districts Advisory Committee includes members from independent water districts, sanitation or wastewater districts, fire protection districts, hospital districts, cemetery districts, community services districts, and parks and recreation districts.

“It’s a great way of governing things,” Thomas said of special districts.

San Diego County’s LAFCO board consists of eight members: two county supervisors, one San Diego City Council member, two City Council members from the county’s other 17 incorporated cities, two special district board members, and one public member. The Special Districts Advisory Committee recommendations primarily involve governance issues. “I want to be part of the solutions, not the problems,” Thomas said. “I just want to be involved.”

Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District serves parts of the City of Escondido, unincorporated Escondido and portions of San Marcos and Vista.

Thomas spent 22 years with the U.S. Marine Corps before retiring in 2006 as a Lt. Colonel and was in Washington, DC, before closing out his career at Camp Pendleton. He was in charge of facility maintenance on the Marine Corps base including water, wastewater, electricity, gas, roads, buildings, and landfills. After his retirement he worked for engineering and construction companies, and he had a consulting business specializing in wastewater. Thomas took over as the Rincon Del Diablo district general manager in August 2013.

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