Escondido, CA

Retired doctor continues to help others

Dr. Nick Tsoulos speaking as chairman of the Escondido Charitable Foundation.

Helping others comes second nature to Nick Tsoulos. Today, his help comes in the shape of philanthropy as chairman of the Escondido Charitable Foundation. But even before philanthropy, his help came in the form of healthcare. In fact, if you have ever lived in Escondido, it’s safe to say that Dr. Nick Tsoulos helped your family or your neighbor’s family at some point in their lives. Before he retired, Dr. Tsoulos was a longtime pediatrician in Escondido, helping children throughout the community. In addition to helping children, he is committed to solving health challenges worldwide. Years ago, Dr. Soulos traveled to Eritrea in East Africa to support polio immunization efforts. He is also heavily involved in national healthcare organizations and initiatives close to his heart. Additionally, Dr. Tsoulos is helping Escondido as a leader in philanthropy. As he describes it, “Giving back to my community has always been important to me. Escondido is my home. It’s as simple as the saying – giving is more rewarding than receiving. Escondido Charitable Foundation offers a hands-on experience with like-minded folks. It leverages our efforts with pooled philanthropy, and assures success with follow-up. And all the effort stays in Escondido. Giving is rewarding. Seeing the results is even more.”

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