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Restaurant collects signatures opposing sale


Filippi’s Pizza Grotto on Grand Avenue is inviting residents to come inside and sign a petition opposing the city’s plans to sell Parking Lot #1, where most of the patrons of the popular Italian eatery park when they dine there.  The owner of the restaurant recently told the city council that he will have to close if the parking lot is sold to a developer and the parking disappears. 

4 responses to “Restaurant collects signatures opposing sale”

  1. Carol Schuler says:

    Filippi’s is one of our favorite restaurants. However, this sale would affect the entire area. Escondido, so far, has done a great job bringing downtown back to life. This misguided move has to be the result of money. How could this help. Parking all but goes away. If people have to search and search for a place to park then, guess what will happen to the businesses there. I get that change is inevitable to a point. Is this it? Is this best for the businesses in the area? I sure can’t see it.
    It’s a lovely area right now. Sometimes progress is no progress at all.

  2. slesberg says:

    Why can’t the sale by the city stipulate that the developer will build a multi-story public parking structure on a portion of the property that will help to offset the loss of public parking? May be a win-win and good PR for all?

  3. So Cal Baker says:

    The sign should say, “help save tax payer subsidized business welfare parking” really, what a shame. I have never had an issue finding parking in that ghost town we call a down town, and does he not realize that all those condos will be filled with people that will want some takeout? I go to downtown San Diego to eat and they have pay lots and metered parking, all the restaurants are full, I guess if your food is good then you don’t have to worry, what doe that say about Filippi’s?

  4. Chris Nava says:

    Majority city council modus operandi.: benefit the developers, ignore the voices of the residents. This is misguided under the pretext of addressing the housing shortage. The condos, yes, but elsewhere.

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