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Reports of Callers Impersonating SDG&E on the Rise

Whether it’s an email from a foreign prince asking you to send money so he can access his fortune, a text with a link to a fake website requesting your personal information, or an automated phone call with an offer that just seems too good to be true, consumer scams can come in many forms.
Unfortunately, there are a number of tactics that criminals use to target utility customers, so we want to remind everyone to be on high alert as scammers continue to impersonate SDG&E.
Who’s really calling?
We’ve warned our customers in the past of an ongoing pay-by-phone scam targeting consumers nationwide, where criminals impersonate SDG&E over the phone and make demands for immediate payment.
Now, scammers are also making fraudulent calls claiming to be calling on behalf of or posing as SDG&E to solicit sales for goods and services they will never deliver. We’ve recently seen an increase in reports from customers about scammers calling claiming to be with SDG&E to sell rooftop solar panels. The first sign this call is fraudulent is that SDG&E does not sell or install private solar panels or work with third party companies to sell or install them on our behalf. Also, we will never initiate contact via email, phone or otherwise to demand immediate payment or ask for personal information, such as bank accounts, social security numbers or other sensitive information.
In many instances, these scammers use technology to “spoof” their caller ID, so a call appears to be from SDG&E, by displaying “San Diego Gas & Electric” and our main customer service number, 800-411-7343, regardless of the actual source of the call. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of this scam is by being aware of the fraudulent activity and the technology thieves are using—like caller ID spoofing.
What if a scammer calls me?
Energy companies nationwide are working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute scammers. If you receive a call that makes you at all suspicious or uncomfortable, hang up or do not answer the call.
SDG&E encourages anyone who has been victim to this scam to report any loss of money to their local law enforcement agency.

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