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Replacing City Hall trees is mulch ado about nothing


No, replacing the 30-yeara old trees around City Hall isn’t a despicable plot. 

You may be a Truther or believe in UFOs and suspect all public officials of hiding the facts about the Kennedy assassination, or even think the world is flat, but please don’t employ your conspiracy theories about the sudden disappearance of trees at the venerable city headquarters. The employees of the city of Escondido are not guilty of anything nefarious when they have followed every protocol in removing trees that are unsightly and even hazardous.

It’s not greenicide. It’s a good thing.

What? You want some clumsy person to sue the city when he trips over a root or slips on a fruit pod? Doesn’t Escondido’s city attorney spend enough time in court? Would it kill you to give him a day off?

Instead of going into mourning about the “death of some trees” how about considering that the resulting vista will restore the original glorious vision of a building that won all sorts of awards for its striking beauty and simple lines when it was first unveiled.

In much the same way that occurred when they removed the trees from the medians on Grand Avenue and suddenly, for a while at least, you could see Bottle Mountain off in the distance as it was intended when the city founders laid out Escondido’s streets.

Many people don’t appreciate what an architectural gem the City Hall is and you sure as hell don’t want to block the view of it. If it means that a couple of arboreal Americans must be sacrificed on the altar of good taste, that’s not such a high price to pay. 

Go up to the second floor of city hall and look at the design and clean lines of the fountain that have been hidden for so long.  Or go out into the middle of the park and look toward the now revealed hall in all its elegant and stately beauty. This is what civic architecture is supposed to look like—and what it was designed for.

There’s a word for all those dead trees and wood. Mulch. You could say that all this furor is mulch ado about nothing.

You’d think it was the “slaughter of the innocents” instead of a good day for folks with wood-burning stoves. As well as a fine day for people with a sense of the aesthetic. 

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2 responses to “Replacing City Hall trees is mulch ado about nothing”

  1. Yada Yafa says:

    Yada, Yada, Yada, David.

  2. Barbara Takahara says:

    The trees needing to be removed has everything to do with the poor planning our City has done. That type of tree should never have been planted by the fountain. Do we not have enough tax payor money to hire a landscaper who knows what they are doing? Our “City of Choice” has made some very sub standard choices.

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