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Repeal the gas tax!

I love a good revolution! When the politicians are shivering in their boots instead of the people being apprehensive about government, democracy is working.

This quote has been erroneously attributed to Jefferson: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Too bad he didn’t say it. If he had, you would probably find it in the quotation books more often.

In light of the 12 cents a gallon gas tax that the legislature— which the ruling party currently enjoying a super majority, shoved down the throats of the citizens—it’s good to know that some people aren’t taking it lying down.

A group of San Diego activists called Reform California, which is chaired by former city councilman and current KOGO radio host Carl DeMaio, have qualified a petition to be circulated to gather signatures to put a ballot initiative before the voters to repeal the 12-cent gas tax. The California Secretary of State has approved the petition to be circulated.

If it does nothing else, this news ought to cause a few politicians in Sacramento to scrape off some of the enamel from their molars grinding in frustration, because nothing says satisfaction like spending other peoples’ money.

On the other hand, my satisfaction comes from slapping away those selfsame grasping fingers. So, soon as I get a chance I’m going to sign this petition.

DeMaio and his allies, who also include KFI radio shock jocks John and Ken, are also working up a recall campaign for at least one of the senators who put the measure over the top in the legislature.

They are looking for volunteers to pass the petitions, or donations to pay college students to gather signatures.

If you want to volunteer, go this website:

To donate, visit this site:

If you like spanking the politicians as much as I do, this campaign to repeal the gas tax should be a lot of fun. And very, very healthy for our pocketbooks.

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