Escondido, CA

Remaining lights for Centre City Parkway will be energized by end of May

The remaining lights for the Centre City Parkway corridor portion of the bike path between Valley Parkway and Washington Avenue have been delivered and installed, with the final energization to be completed by the end of the month.
The Neighborhood Street light project is nearing completion with street lights energized in four of the five neighborhoods on February 14, according to the city.
The project features the installation of 44 new street lights with L.E.D. Luminaries in five neighborhoods: The Elms, Rustic Village, Mission Grove, Cedar-Cedar Brook, and Rose to Foxdale.
Additionally, 22 existing street light fixtures were retrofit with L.E.D. The new L.E.D. Luminaries shine a clean white light on the surrounding area, in contrast with the yellow light given off by the existing fixtures. The Rose to Foxdale energization has been delayed another two weeks for further review by the utility provider.

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