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Rejecting a founder


Since I’m in a historical mood I wanted to comment on reading that the church that George Washington founded (when he wasn’t busy founding the United States of America) has rejected his parentage and has taken down the plaque that acknowledges his participation.

Supposedly the reason was that because the Christ Church of Alexandria is “open to everyone, without exception,” and some people felt uncomfortable with the thought that they might be sitting in a pew that the old slaveholder had once occupied. So, all references to George must go.

I’m curious to know if the church will continue to accept the one dollar bills that bear the image of the first president, or if they will forgo them when the collection makes its round on Sunday?

The last time I checked my Bible, Christ was welcoming of all sorts of sinners: be they tax collectors, harlots, prostitutes, centurions and rich men. So, I suspect that he would have been welcoming of George Washington. Just a guess.

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