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Redefining Republicanism

~ Op Ed

 Many of our leaders are graduates of our ‘esteemed’ college indoctrination centers, and much of their revisionism is accepted as fact. As a result, it is near impossible to outwardly display pride of being an American. We all have been in situations where it is simply easier to remain quiet than to raise your hand and try to defend your Americanism in a large crowd of leftist students, European collectivists or hostile minorities.

Sometimes it is better left unsaid while dining with relatives or friends.

This is the reality of our current cultural conflict, as was predicted by George Orwell in his prescient book, 1984, where the Marxists leaders persecuted independent thinking and individualism, calling it ‘thoughtcrime.’ 

But we should not let this situation deter us from our goal; to protect and to promote the principles laid out by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, and later in the Bill of Rights, and as Americans, to act in the best interests of our Nation and our communities. Trump has tapped into that patriotic energy. Obama, Clinton and many globalists have denounced his nationalism as nativist, bigoted and threatening to world peace…Republicans face a similar conundrum.

Ask any college student why they vote Democratic and they will tell you because Republicans are the party of the rich, of corporations that exploit workers, and because Republican conservatives want to subjugate women and minorities, and they live in an era that has passed regarding social issues like gay marriage, sexual discrimination and the use of marijuana.

I would suggest that Trump is effectively forcing both parties to face universal truths about what it means to be American. His Tweeting has bypassed the FrankenMedia, and connected with millions of young voters who pay little or no attention to traditional media outlets. He recognized early on the nature of our emerging digital sharing society and dropped all pretense of party affiliation and intimidation. Boiling major issues down to 240 characters fits the criteria most millennials and XGens find comfortable. The truth is Trump may not be defining the new Republicanism, but he has definitely shown that the Old Guard is increasingly irrelevant. 

Trump is reminiscent of Teddy Roosevelt, of John Kennedy and even Dwight Eisenhower. He chose to run as a Republican because he always favored the concept of American Exceptionalism. Progressives have managed to turn that once noble identity into a negative image of intolerance and arrogance. But Trump has redirected the default focus of the Republican Party. Most of the policy challenges continue to evolve around taxes, schools, jobs and security, but Trump has simplified the movement: If we make the health of America our top priority, the rest will follow. 

He reduced the discussion to that of a contest: do you want to be a winner or a loser? This is what people of all economic levels understand.

Traditional GOP platforms of relatively narrow concepts left enormous numbers of young voters, and minorities, standing at the station while the train pulls away. College aged voters haven’t made enough money to feel heavy tax burdens,  they have been taught to respect unions because they ‘fight for the little guy’. They are sensitive to racial intolerance, and though they don’t see themselves as part of that national disfunction, they blame ‘white privilege’ as the bogey man that only Progressives portend to vanquish.

So, what is the ideal new image for a redefined Republican Party? Can Trump lead the way to rebranding Republicanism? Will his leadership reclaim a strong sense of patriotism and respect for the concept of Americanism?

I believe it needs to start with women’s issues. Which means we have to redefine Feminism, because it has so far proved to be divisive and corrosive. Just like how Republicanism grew out of slavery and the conflict over whether it was morally justified to own another human being, women’s rights are still an unresolved thorn in the side of our American culture. It also represents a microcosm of what divides the entire planet; can man dictate terms of existence to another man or is that the job of God? And which God would that be?

I know the Progressives have the answer to that question: the God of Egalitarianism. But I believe, and I think most people recognize that that is not a solution. It is a dream. 

Turning women into just another man is not attractive to women, either. No, Republicans should look at women as different, but equal. Give women credit for their uniquely feminine attributes and abilities, but don’t expect them to act like, or even want to be like men. Just like in a family, women and men play different, but important roles. Working in the political arena should be no different. As Republicans, we should champion those differences with a deep and abiding respect. 

If we look around the world, the more women are respected by a culture, the healthier and more dynamic the economy and the body politic is. It is so rare, that as the leader in gender equality and respect, America reinforces human dignity and liberty across the globe.

Therefore, I believe nationalism is an appropriate platform for our Party. On the other side of the aisle, the Progressives (formerly known as Democrats) are all in for Globalism. Their lackadaisical attitude toward security flies in the face of family safety; opening the doors to your home to any passerby is not the best way to provide a secure environment for people you love.

Our priority as Republicans must be to protect our family first. So, I believe Republicanism is synonymous with what I call Familyism. It is about starting every day with the idea that your family comes first, then the family of your community, and then your state, and then your country. By taking care of and providing safety and security for your extended family, you are actively supporting what the Founding Fathers envisioned for the United States of America, a family of individual states and communities, all with different personality types, but all pulling the collective boat in the same direction.

We are all roots and branches of the same tree, America.

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