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Publisher’s Note on Lilac Hills Ranch

Subsequent to receipt of Mr. Gordon’s letter, the County of San Diego published the official Lilac Hills Ranch Staff Report, which can be found at HILLS_ RANCH/LILAC-HILLS-RANCH/draft-FEIR.html

The following is a summary of key points made in the County Staff Report:

1. LHR has legal rights to public roads, in the form of public right-ofway, easements and irrevocable offers of dedication. As confirmed by the Valley Center Municipal Water District, LHR has legal rights to Water lines and has the ability to access public Sewer Facilities.

2. LHR will not require eminent domain.

3. The Specific Plan and EIR require each phase to fully mitigate LHR’s impacts and complete all necessary infrastructure improvements.

4. LHR is consistent with all General plan Policies (FEIR Appendix W)

5. LHR’s Fire Protection Plan was approved by the local Deer Springs Fire Protection District. The project has demonstrated that it can meet the General plan travel times through various options explained in the EIR.

6. LHR’s Cultural Mitigation Plan has been approved by all 4 Tribes. The project will set aside over 104 acres of biological open space, in addition to fully mitigating all of its impacts.

7. The Deer Springs Fire Protection District had no comments on the Evacuation Plan, which concludes that “Every safety feature identified by the fire experts of the County of San Diego and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) have been implemented and adopted in the planning process related to the Lilac Hills Ranch development.”

8. LHR will be adding turn lanes at several intersections, in addition to funding traffic signal improvements to improve safety.

9. LHR will fund improvements to many local deficient roadways to bring them up to County and Fire District Standards, and additionally will connect six existing dead end roadways, which currently do not meet Fire District Standards.

10. LHR will be required to mitigate all of its impacts in a manner acceptable to all public agencies, including the County of San Diego, the State of California, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

According to the County Staff Report, LHR will not add 7,000,000 annual trips; it will reduce the number of miles traveled in the entire Valley Center community through a pedestrian oriented mixed-use design. LHR will contain 16 miles of multiuse trails and three neighborhood centers within a 10-minute walk of all homes. The community is located less than a half-mile from the I-15 Regional Transportation Corridor and 2.6 miles from a Transit Station.

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