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Mostly clear

Public Works improves access at Daley Ranch

The recently graded Cougar Pass access to Daley Ranch.

Cougar Pass is one of the three official entrances to Daley Ranch. Located at the far northwest corner of the property, Cougar Pass offers visitors access to some of the most scenic and remote areas of Daley Ranch. The parking lot near the trailhead is reached via Cougar Pass Road, a rough, unpaved, single-lane road that can be accessed from the North through Hidden Meadows or from the South off of Escondido’s North Broadway.

Until recently, the portion of the road that belongs to the City of Escondido was washed out and almost impassable. The Department of Public Works took on the project of re-grading the road and rolling a layer of asphalt grindings over the top for durability. This improvement increases direct park access so users can now safely explore even more of Daley Ranch.

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