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Public Works Employees of the Year recognized

Public Works Employees of the Year Miguel Perez (left) and Sergio Clemente.

The Public Works Department last week announced their annual Streets and Parks Employees of the year. The winner for Streets is Miguel Perez and the winner for Parks is Sergio Clemente.

These hardworking professionals were selected by a panel of their Supervisors for demonstrating exemplary performance in the following criteria:

Public Service: Recognizes exceptional performance in service to the public.

Going the Extra Mile: Demonstrates going above or beyond the normal call of service to a situation where the individual responded to a condition marked by misfortune, calamity or distress.

Positive Attitude: Recognizes exceptional performance that demonstrates easiness to work with, positive effects on co-workers, ability to tamp down negativity in the yard.

Safety: Recognizes exceptional performance in the areas of safety and injuries. 

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