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Proud of their old guys

Hail, Father Time! Yesterday’s Super Bowl game praised two old timers, quarterback Tom Brady and his head coach Bruce Arians, as being the oldest to quarterback and coach a winning Super Bowl team. Being a seasoned citizen myself I felt so much better being lumped in with Brady who at the ripe old age of 43 accomplished something no one else of his age has accomplished. And Coach Arians at 68 is the oldest to coach a winning SB team. Did anyone bet on how many times Brady’s advanced years would be mentioned? Tampa is proud of their old guys.
Think about Tiger Woods being part of the aged athletes still competing successfully. I mean, he is in his 40’s so if you see him golfing you will understand why he is competing with the aid of a walker. Of course, this may involve amending the PGA rules of play since no artificial means of transport on the course is allowed. I am amazed that Phil Mickelson can still play 18 to 72 holes without an aide. My gosh, he is over 50. How do you do it Phil?
The game was played the same time that Bar Rescue was on TV but I did tune in to watch the half-time show but because the game started much after 3 p.m. I did watch the last of the first half. I had no idea who Weekend was and in my humble opinion offered the lamest half-time show perhaps in the 55-year history of the game. What a colossal waste of time and money although there were hundreds of people in various costumes on the field who I hope at least were paid to be there.
Speaking of golf, I watched to Phoenix Open and am continually amazed at how far golfers today drive the ball. Most are powering drives over 300 yards which is probably why tournament courses are all over 7,000 yards almost a ten percent increase from a few decades ago. The advent of new equipment technology and players’ exercise regimens I believe are the biggest factors producing the longer drives. The longest hole I ever played was the 625 yard (now only 614 yards) 4th hole at Stryker Golf Course on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Fairly straight and even with my cheap clubs at the time I made a 6 on the par 5. How about a high five?
Continuing the sports theme, have you ever noticed basketball players today? In my day, yeah I’m a boomer, we dribbled the ball which is pushing the ball down with your hand. Palming the ball, which is how b-ballers today take the ball down court, was a fowl. Naismith didn’t design the game for a player to carry the ball but rather dribble the ball on the court. Palming was considered an illegal advantage. Next game take note of how the ball is handled or should I say palmed. No whistle.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about the litter being caused by the protective masks we are asked to wear to help stem the spread of the virus. A few days ago I saw photos of birds with the masks wrapped around them or on their feet. They can’t shed them apparently so please be aware of your mask and when done with it or it falls to the ground use the not-so-new receptacle we have in our homes and outdoors as well. It’s called a trash can. How about “give a hoot don’t pollute?” Remember that one?
This is for you long time Escondido residents: A couple weeks ago I was approached by a very nice lady who somehow recognized me even with my mask on. Lucy asked since I have been a long time resident if I remember a little house on Maple Street, with I presume a store front referred to by the locals as The Bungalow. She said the History Center was not aware of it. If you can remember, let this paper know by email or phone and I am sure the editor will publish it for regular reader Lucy.
The other day I read a feel good story about a Navy veteran who lost his wallet in Antarctica in 1968. The wallet was recently returned to him intact including his Navy ID which brought to my mind losing a diary I wrote while aboard the USNS Wilson during a 16 day voyage from Oakland to Seoul, South Korea in 1965. It was the single largest troop movement since WWII. I made entries about the daily experiences and was absolutely in awe at the breadth of the Pacific Ocean which, after leaving San Francisco and a huge storm, the ocean was like a sheet of glass. I would sit at the rear, or whatever you Navy guys call the back of the ship, and be mesmerized by the churning blue water. After reading of Paul Grisham’s good fortune I thought there is still hope to see my book again. Who knows?
And now…YARDY 2, no idea. KONAKAR, Hawaii transplant perhaps? YEAH 4DK, don’t know. Oh, Happy Lunar New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

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