Escondido, CA

Protecting California wildlife

My Assembly Bill, AB 1031, will help California’s native wildlife receive care and rehabilitation provided by non-profit organizations throughout the state.  My bill allows taxpayers filing their tax returns to voluntarily `check off’ a specified amount to support the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Fund.

On a daily basis, California’s animal rehabilitation organizations rescue injured, sick or orphaned wildlife and provide them with medical treatment, care, protection and nourishment with the ultimate aim of reintroducing them back into the wild.  Like all nonprofits, animal rehabilitation organizations need funding to continue to serve our state.

Currently, California law allows taxpayers to donate to a number of charitable funds when filing their tax returns. My bill will add the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Fund to the list of causes eligible for taxpayer donations. These funds will be distributed by the Franchise Tax Board via annual grant programs to eligible entities working to protect native wildlife.

AB 1031 is supported by a growing list of animal rehabilitation organizations, including Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society of the United States, San Diego Humane Society, Project Wildlife,  The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, Napa Wildlife Rescue, Action for Animals, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, Eastern Sierra Wildlife Center, Raptors are the Solution, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Injured & Orphaned Wildlife, San Francisco SPCA, Bird Rescue, Haven Wild Care, Tri County Wildlife Care and many more.

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