Escondido, CA

Project installs 387 smoke alarms at mobile homes

Following the Green Crest Fire last December, where eight people were injured and two children were killed in a mobile home fire (with no smoke alarms), one of the goals of the Escondido Fire Department has been to ensure that homes have smoke alarms.

Especially mobile homes where the elderly and families reside. Using 100% donated smoke detectors and volunteer labor (including Fire Department Senior Volunteers), Escondido’s Fire Prevention staff has coordinated three events at local mobile home parks where anyone can have free smoke detectors installed in their home.

The Fire Department partnered with the Burn Institute, the Red Cross, and the staff at Rincon Water District to accomplish this project.

So far, the project has touched 387 mobile homes:

854 smoke alarms installed

104 carbon monoxide alarms installed

17 replaced batteries in existing smoke alarms

There are over 3,400 mobile homes in Escondido. The department has nearly exhausted the first batch of 1,000 donated smoke alarms it received earlier this year and it has requested more. There is another smoke detector installation event scheduled in November.

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