Escondido, CA

Police Dept. raises awareness for breast cancer and domestic violence

Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter is urging a heightened awareness of breast cancer and domestic violence during October.

Nationally, October has been designated to raise awareness for two causes that affect many members of our community: Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. Several members of the Escondido Police family have been directly affected by breast cancer, and the department lost an officer who was killed during a domestic violence incident.

Police Chief Craig Carter has come up with a unique way to spark conversation on these topics.

Chief Carter has developed a plan to raise awareness through an avenue that is constantly in the public eye: the patrol car. Special decals have been created under the chief’s direction that will be placed on the front doors of several police cars, changing the color of “Police” from blue to either pink or purple. There will also be a corresponding awareness ribbon displayed on the rear door of the car.

“I believe in, and have been deeply affected by, both of these issues,” said Carter. “It is my hope that through this campaign we can raise awareness and prevent someone from becoming a victim of breast cancer or domestic violence.”

The decals will be displayed on certain patrol cars for the entire month of October. Visit and for educational materials, training and resources to assist in combating these serious issues.

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