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Police Chief: Cooperation between ICE and EPD might have helped in case of murder suspect

In light of Saturday’s shooting on Grand Avenue that left one man dead and another wounded, we asked Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter to comment on whether the Sanctuary State Law had any effect on the fact that the murder suspect had been deported six times previously.

Chief Carter told The Times-Advocate, “Being that both EPD and ICE were looking for Manuel Eliseo Martinez at the same time, it would have been helpful if we could have shared relevant information in order to ‘work together’ to find and apprehend a very violent individual in our community.” 

Carter added, “The elimination of the partnership between ICE and EPD did remove a valuable tool from our toolbox while searching for Martinez. Since the passing of SB 54, we have completely abolished that level of cooperation. I would not be able to speculate whether SB 54 might have contributed to Martinez remaining in the City of Escondido, but I can tell you that before SB 54, Martinez was arrested and deported six times. We do know for certain, Martinez was not arrested or deported at all after the passing of SB 54, a bill that in effect eliminated collaboration between ICE and EPD.”

One response to “Police Chief: Cooperation between ICE and EPD might have helped in case of murder suspect”

  1. Patrick B Coony says:

    It is hard to disagree with the idea that all resources should be used to locate and deport a known dangerous felon. But we should resist the temptation to use this incident as a general condemnation of unauthorized immigrants. I don’t know anyone who public supports the idea that so many of our fellow residents are in legal limbo but it is a reality based on a purposeful policy to encourage this kind of immigration. Politicians from both parties have been involved in this policy and it has existed for almost 30 years. I am sure that most of us personally know unauthorized immigrants and have found that with almost no exception that they are hard working, law abiding individuals.

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