Escondido, CA


The police blotter comes from the Escondido Police Department website. We provide the headlines.

ATTACK WITH A CROWBAR — On January 1, a man called 911 to say that a family member had just tried to strike him with a tire iron, or similar metal rod, and also threatened to shoot the caller (although no firearm was seen). He was last seen leaving the location in a Chevy Astrovan. The suspect was identified as a parolee-at-large. Officers spotted the suspect in the passenger seat of the van at Valley and Midway. A hot-stop was conducted and the man was arrested without incident. A crowbar was located inside the van and identified as the weapon. The suspect was booked for a parole violation and a charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

ROBBERY — On January 1 at about 10:29 p.m. officers were dispatched to 204 Clark St. to investigate a robbery. Officers made contact with the victim who was taken to Palomar Medical Center with swelling to his upper lip, right cheek, and right eye. He also had a laceration to his right check and damage to the iris of his right eye. The victim stated he was walking eastbound through Grape Day Park sometime between 7:45 p.m. and 8 p.m. near the fountain. Two men approached him from either side, struck him in the face and demanded money. When he said he had none, they struck him in the face again, causing him to lose consciousness for about two minutes. When he regained consciousness his wallet, which had been in his pocket, was discarded in the grass next to him. There was no loss of property. The victim cannot describe the suspects further and he stated that only fists were used to strike him.

MAN ASSAULTED — On January 2 at 2:30 a.m. officers responded to rear of the Sunset Lounge regarding a person down and bleeding from the head. Upon arrival, officers located an unconscious male bleeding from the face in the rear parking lot. The witness (security/bouncer) stated he saw the victim surrounded by four or five people and being kicked in the head by at least two of the males in the group. When the bouncer yelled for them to stop, all the suspects fled north bound on foot and were not located. The bouncer could only describe the suspects as Hispanic males. The business has rear surveillance cameras covering the parking lot, but they were inaccessible at the time of the incident. The victim briefly regained consciousness with EFD before being transported. No information was obtained from the victim due to he being intubated upon arrival at PMC. Per the PMC ER staff, he likely suffered dual fractured orbitals and a broken nose.

SUSPECT FLEES — On January 3 Officer Solorio initiated a bike stop for a violation and the suspect immediately fled. Officer Guerrero assisted and, in the process, broke his right, pinky finger after taking the suspect to the ground. Suspect has priors for various drug and violence-related crimes and was taken into custody without further incident. He was cleared at PMC for a laceration above his right eye as a result of the takedown by Officer Guerrero.

STABBING — On January 4, at 6:40 a.m., EPD received a call from 501 W. Mission #132 referencing a stab victim. Officers arrive on scene and contacted the victim who sustained a single puncture wound to his back. He was transported to Sharp Hospital for medical treatment. Officer Wyse put together a photo line-up and the victim identified the suspect. Officer A. Martinez located the suspect and arrested him without incident.

MAN SHOUTING PROFANITIES — On January 4 at 5:09 p.m. a man was wandering at the Motel-6 at 900 N. Quince St., pulling on doors and shouting profanities at anyone who walked near him. When officers arrived on scene, the subject threatened to kill police and shouted profanities while spitting toward officers. PERT-1 conducted a mental health evaluation/ threat assessment and took him into custody.

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