Escondido, CA

Pixar director, writer, Robert Gibbs, dies

Robert James Gibbs of Escondido, who wrote and directed many projects at Pixar Animation Studios, has died. 

The native of Escondido who attended Palomar College, was the story artist for some of Pixar’s most memorable animated films, including Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up, and Wall-E.

From Palomar Gibbs transferred to Calarts and then went to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation for five years in story and visual development, working on such films as “Pocahontas,” in 1995 and a segment of “Fantasia 2000.”  He directed most of the Pixar CarsToons shorts whose main character was Mater.

When he died he was co-director of the upcoming film Hump, which would have been his directorial debut. He was also working on a sequel to Monsters Inc. entitled Monsters at Work. 

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