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Picking Up the Tab


If we are looking for some entity to blame for the Coronavirus Pandemic, the obvious choice would be China. Scientists are fairly certain that is where the micro-organism began an assault on humanity. 

The city of Wuhan is known as a center of bio-engineering experimentation. Whether or not the outbreak was an accident or part of, as some Russian military experts have claimed, a strategic effort to realign the political power structure on Earth, is a different question. If one wanted to put the question before a jury, as any prosecuting attorney would point out, China had the means, the opportunity, and the motive. Their economic light was dimming dramatically, and the recent surge of demands for democratic reforms, and the stiff tariffs imposed by Trump have shaken the Communist regime. With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, losing a few million citizens to disease would be a cheap price for them to pay to overcome America’s worldwide economic dominance.

What about Russia? Not a chance. They are super dependent on oil to prop up their weak economic infrastructure and they would never have contributed to crude prices falling into negative numbers. Europe? Not scientifically or politically motivated or capable.

That leaves the USA. The Chinese have suggested we started the outbreak, though they never outlined why we would want to destroy our own economy. 

There is one group within the worldwide demographic that could qualify as beneficiaries of a complete economic and political realignment: That would be the post Baby Boomer generations of Millennials and X-Gens. We have surveys that claim most of them hate capitalism and economic inequality. If, as a theoretical political force, they wanted to clear the decks for their future, what would be the one thing that could redistribute economic wealth, restore the health of the environment, and expand the nanny state?

The answer is reducing or eliminating the drag that senior citizens put on civilization. America’s aging population is living longer, using more resources, drawing on retirement benefits and social services at higher rates than anyone ever predicted when statisticians did their amortization schedules back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We old farts were supposed to have been gone by now. If there is any group that might see an economic upside to the pandemic it would be our kids and their kids. 

Do I really think our descendants are anxious to kill us off? No, but the cause and effect are intriguing food for thought … Do I really believe this Pandemic is manmade? Yes and no. I think science got burned playing with fire.  In our never-ending search for the elixir of youth, science sometimes ventures into dangerous territory. So I think this epidemic was probably made worse by human experimentation, trying to understand more about how these molecular killers threaten our species. We’re all living a nightmare resulting from good intentions gone horribly wrong.

Whether by accident or by design the Coovid19 pandemic is effectively “culling the herd.” Ranchers do this to improve the gene pool of their cattle, or to reduce their costs associated with illnesses. Mother Nature also has a way of draining the swamp just before it becomes too toxic, then replenishing it with freshwater and reviving the ecological balance. 

Am I suggesting seniors are toxic and young people are willing to put us out to pasture? No, but the truth is life is terminal, and living in freedom is dangerous. No society can guarantee safety and security, under any political system. During this scary period, civilization should attempt to protect the most vulnerable, the aged, and the sick, and once again young people will bear the cost and lifestyle burden for them. Baby Boomers have made life extension our main goal, and now our offspring will have to pick up the tab. 

Rick Elkin is an artist, author, and columnist. His most recent book, The Illusion of Knowledge: Why So Many Educated Americans Embrace Marxism, is available at most online booksellers. He resides in Escondido, California. You can follow him at

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One response to “Picking Up the Tab”

  1. REX says:

    I was suggesting a lot of those points to Carla weeks Go. Her sister worked at high paying job all her life died before talking SS benefits.
    Being single guess who gets all the $ she paid in. And if she lived to 90 probably saved the government high 6 figures.

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