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It’s Easter. A day for peace. It’s in­teresting to me when I read negativity online. It may be about me. Or about others. But the thing I feel is interest­ing, is people buy into it.

I’ve watched people join in a post di­rectly related to hurting one person. I want to ask 2 questions … Why post? And why join in? It seems to me, either is bullying.

It’s mean, unkind, defeats the purpose of helping each other. It deeply hurts someone. Causes continued pain and de­pression for some. How about disagree with each other, but trashing others on­line or even straight from your mouth is not ok. It’s filthy. That is what I think.

It doesn’t bother me when people do this to me anymore. I have serious thick skin now. But when I was new to the community and new to the in­ternet, it was awful. The same people from way back still say the same mean unkind things and now it’s just old. No one cares. It’s the same people trashing the same people or trashing new people and they never stop. I hope others in our community see the patterns. I hope people see the right way to treat others and the wrong way by these people who can’t seem to help themselves.

Building a kind, helpful community that supports each other is hard enough. God bless and I hope your day is filled with joy of your family and friends to­day. Please say something nice to some­one online and help the people who get bullied. Please advocate for others.

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