Escondido, CA

Panera’s Manna program hosts local family for meal, gifts

The spirit of the holidays is all about giving and that is exactly what Manna Development Group, Panera Bread’s San Diego franchisee, is doing.

For the past 14 years, including this year, every Panera café in San Diego, including the one in Escondido, adopts a local family in need to host them for a meal and provide them with gifts or other items they are in need of. The general managers of each café take the initiative and reach out to local organizations like The Rock Church and Daybreak Church to see if there are any families in need that the café can bring holiday cheer to.

Making a local impact in the community is one of the core values of Manna, having launched its own nonprofit, Share the Dough, in 2011.

Share the Dough, which sponsors each café to adopt a family, was built as a support for their own team and to give back to the community. Through the voluntary contributions from Manna employees, they have created a fund to be used for team members facing various emergencies, educational scholarships, supporting community organizations and more. They also donate unsold bread and bakery items to local nonprofit organizations fighting hunger. Between the 100 cafés located throughout Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Indiana, Manna contributes around $16 million yearly – about $43,853 daily.

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