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Panelists needed for VCHS’s ‘senior presentation day’

Would you like to see what is expected of Valley Center High School seniors? This is your chance!

VCHS is seeking community panelists for “Senior Presentation Days,” which will take place May 27 and 28 on campus. Seniors have spent the better part of the current semester working on their senior portfolios for this presentation which include essays on post secondary goals, writing reflections, a PowerPoint on their career choice, and other items.

As a panelist you will have the opportunity to evaluate their presentations using a grading rubric. The students’ presentations will be about 5-10 minutes. Ron McCowan, principal at VCHS told the Times Advocate, “We at VCHS believe that your participation as a businessperson, community member, or parent will give the students a better perspective as to how they may be evaluated in a professional job situation.”

Such emphasis on public performance and written documentation of student work provides a very different and more “formative” kind of accountability for the seniors. The presentations will provide a platform for students to discuss their perspective on education, their courses of study, present their accomplishments of the school’s Expected School-wide Learning Results and share their post-secondary goals and objectives as they go from VCHS to college and the real world.

The “Senior Presentation Days” will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 27 and 28 from 7:30 a.m. –2:07 p.m. Each day there are three-block periods of two hours each. Seniors will present during their English class time in eight different rooms, with three panelists per room. Even a commitment to just ONE block period will be helpful. “Of course, we would appreciate it if you could stay longer! A continental breakfast and complimentary lunch will be provided to all panelists,” said McCowan.

To participate, contact Socorro Ruiz by email at, or phone her at 760-751-5598. Do so no later than Tuesday, May 26, so they can set the schedule. They need your name, email and phone number to send you the day’s procedures so you can familiarize yourself with the process. It will be a fun and enlightening day for all who participate!

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