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Palomar Solar Gives Back

Palomar Solar supports our local troops and with the support of their partners, LG Solar and Enphase Energy, want to help a local military family gain their energy independence. Visit for a chance to enter. The contest is open to all active and/or retired U.S. military currently residing in San Diego County.

Palomar Solar wants to show their deep appreciation to our local San Diego troops. At the Miramar Air Show on September 22, they will be giving away a solar system of up to 7kw system (24 LG panels with Enphase microinverters and will offset a roughly $300 average electric bill) to a lucky member of our military. This isn’t a discount, or a coupon but the real-deal system. All active and retired military living in San Diego County qualifies for entry. If you or someone you know could benefit have them go to the website listed above and enter the sweepstakes.

The Grand Prize: Palomar Solar will design and install a PV solar system up to 7kw DC. The system will be designed by Palomar Solar to fit the finalist’s needs. The following criteria will affect the design. Finalist’s current KW usage will determine the system size needed to offset up to 95% of current energy consumption. All finalists will be required to provide current green button data from SDGE for consideration. The System will be a roof mount PV system, roof dimensions may limit system size. Not all homes have roof space capable of supporting up to 7kw. Main service panel may limit the system size, not all main service panels can accommodate a 7kw system. Palomar Solar LTD. Shall make the final determination of the system design. All contest entries must be received no later than 09-12-2017 either by mail or online contest entry.

On September 15 Palomar Solar will randomly select three finalists and notify them of their selection. Palomar Solar LTF. Will make final determination. Other eligibility requirements: Resident homeowner in San Diego County. Eligible Military family member must reside in the house, which must be served by SDGE for their electric service. A representative of the eligible service member must be present to win at the 2017 Miramar Air Show on 09-22-17 as a guest of Palomar Solar. Contestant must accept the term and conditions of the contest to meet eligibility requirements.  For contact information: write to 1526 Sterling Court Escondido, CA 92029. Call (760) 504-0388 or email LIC# C10-945152

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