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Palomar Health Union Update: Response to Strike Authorization Vote June 9

The California Nurses Association (CNA) and the Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union (CHEU) have voted 96% to go on strike against Palomar Health, the two unions announced Thursday morning. The union members voted on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Geoff Washburn, CHRO of Palomar Health says “We have not received a strike notice. Further, we continue and remain consistent in our efforts to have further conversations to resolve this union contract in a way that is mutually beneficial for all parties.
We are confused and surprised by the unions’ reported results because every indication we have had from nurses and caregivers have been overwhelmingly positive. The following employee quotes are just a few comments written to us over the last few days.”
Palomar Health Employee Quotes
•“I tried to contact the union rep by email and she is not responding.”
•“I am 100% committed to working through (a) strike.”
•“I think this strike vote is a very poor decision and not based on patient-care needs or concerns.”
•“The nurses already have a very generous raise. I do not know why the Union wants a strike.”
•“I think this is a very dangerous situation for patients and the union has not expressed any coherent reason for going on strike.”
•“I am very worried about our patients and would never put our patients in danger and there are a lot of nurses like me here I believe, who put the patients first and foremost.”
• “I for one thank you for the raise that I received, and I am very happy here at Palomar Health.”
•“Diane… first and foremost, I want to thank you for all you have done for Palomar Health.”
•“I went to go vote NO on the strike and as I don’t pay into the union, I wasn’t eligible to vote… So, with that being said, only those who support the union and pay into it are the only ones to vote and, of course, those who pay into it are going to vote yes. That doesn’t seem fair to me.”

Diane Hansen, President and CEO of Palomar Health shares, “Our world-class staff are excited about what is going on at Palomar Health and remain dedicated to their patients. We want our employees to know how much we value and support them regardless of the outcome. We are going to remain focused on our primary mission, which is to provide San Diego county and the community extraordinary healthcare and services.”
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