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Our mental state

Lately, I have read a few articles regarding our mental state. It seems there are a few disturbing statistics that some PhD’s and wannabee PhD’s are pointing to show the effect that COVID-19 has had on us. I, on the other hand, have a differing opinion as to what is causing people to be a little on edge. But then I’m not a PhD. Kool and the Gang sang the answer in 1980. Hard to believe it’s been 40 years when “Celebration Time, Come On” first aired.

Let’s look at my reasoning here. Children go to school beginning at age 5 and as they progress through the grades graduating from 8th grade to high school they then look forward to the next four years culminating with a Senior Prom and that really big celebration of accomplishment called graduation. All valedictorian speeches include terms like “We have worked long and hard for this day” and “as we prepared for the next step in our journey.” But alas, the Class of 2020 did not get to celebrate these two very important days in their lives.  This can be a bit disconcerting.  Celebrate your accomplishment as best you can.

Then for all of us, we have missed numerous celebrations these past few months. Saint Patrick’s Day we couldn’t share a beer with friends. Also missed were Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother’s Day and Armed Forces Day. I believe it is important for social gatherings at any time but especially during any holiday. Next Monday is Memorial Day and we will miss publicly honoring those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Take a personal moment to remember them and celebrate.

To gather with family and friends is so important for that human contact. Laughing, hugging, conversation and in general enjoying each other’s company are all ingredients to maintain good mental health. You can’t play Scrabble with the same person for months on end. Increasing public protests are sending a strong message that “We want out.” It will be soon.

One day I read where we will be seeing a shortage of meat and meat products. Then a North Carolina hog rancher said there will be no shortage. Huh? What happened to research which reminds me of who determined the 6 feet separation by people in public? I also read the other day where a 3 foot separation is appropriate and we wonder why people are somewhat confused. The recent ban by stores on bringing in your own bag couldn’t have come any sooner. I am building up my stash of reusable plastic bags since my stock was almost depleted. Getting ready for my second bag of bags.

What is becoming of proper discourse and decorum in the political arena where we have reached a new low. Recently, one of our State Assembly members, whom I choose not to name and give more publicity, responded to the owner of Tesla with a profanity laden tweet after he said he will move his company out of California due to the toxic business atmosphere. What bothers me more than the tweet is the lack of response by state legislators. I guess decency be damned. William F. Buckley where are you?

This is too funny. Last week on different traffic reports on different highways three days a ladder was reported in the roadway. Exercise caution. Ya think? Then today someone lost a refrigerator on a local highway. How do you lose a refrigerator? Probably not worth retrieving since the crash no doubt ruined it. The good thing is that there is so much less traffic and less chance of accidents. Note to all above, does the term “tie down” ring a bell? Spend a few bucks and save hundreds.

Last week the City Council couldn’t agree on appointing a candidate to fill a vacancy thus we will have a four member council until November. We shall see how this works out. By the way, Carlsbad is in the same position. Interesting that North County will have the only short councils in the County.

This week’s plate is so Southern California. OCN SNOW. It will be great to get back to normal activities. Can I get an “amen”?

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