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Our Foundling Fathers


I have some experience with neighborhood bullies. 

Recently, a rich property flipper decided to remodel our entire community without consulting his neighbors, so we called him out. He used his wealth to hire a team of lawyers to push us around. He was a bully in a three-piece suit. He won the long legal battle, but we stood up to him. In the end, he had to increase the open space and pay our legal fees. Our community stuck together and made sacrifices to protect the legacy of our neighborhood.

Now it is my country that is being assaulted by bullies. #BlackLivesMatters and ANTIFA are promoting “moral purges” by defiling and tearing down historical monuments and in many cases, the police are standing down.

Unfortunately, many of our leaders are allowing popular social justice notions of the times to override their primary obligations to protect and to serve American citizens that obey the law. 

They are being gaslighted by the Progressive jihad. A generation of self-appointed, moral relativists with a God-complex, are imposing their value system on us, by force.

Have you noticed the uncanny similarities between the Jim Crow-era thugs and KKK mobs lynching blacks, burning businesses, and homes, and the unruly “social justice” creeps terrorizing our cities? Their movement has become what they claim to hate. 

Just a few days after September 11. 2001, speaking through a bullhorn overlooking the smoldering ruins, President Bush promised “We heard you! And the people that brought these buildings down will hear from you soon!” 

It was just what America needed to hear after suffering such a traumatic sucker-punch. This week terrorists destroyed or defaced statues of Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson,  Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and George Washington, among many others. Where are the assurances from our leaders that they have things under control?

As Bush said then, “America is under attack” but you would never get that impression from watching recent news reports. All of the empathy has been directed to the mobs, excusing their excess, and shaming those that tried to protect private and public property. 

Who appointed these criminals the moral guardians of our nation’s legacy?

President Trump has been almost alone in condemning the “desecrations” as “disgusting” while promising to hold “weak” local officials accountable. But the silence of our state and national leaders and the pandering capitulation by some corporate interests is astonishing! They are cowering and prevaricating. Meantime, a part of Seattle has been occupied by an outlaw militia.

Yanking down publicly financed statues and forcefully occupying a major U.S. city are acts of war. The destruction of any public statue is a felony, but when organized as a conspiracy of hate, it is no different than the 911 attack on the Twin Towers. The mobs used rope and the jihadists used jetliners. The rationalizations and tools may differ, but the goals and the crimes are the same: To undermine the stability of our Republic, and to impose an atmosphere of fear over those not deemed “believers” by the mob.

I find it shameful and disturbing …

Media intellectuals celebrate what they describe as the erasure of America’s “dark history” but mob rule is unjustifiable in a civilized society. There is always a grain of truth and some righteous expectations for social unrest. Islamic fundamentalists, German Nationalists, and the PLO have all expressed moral justifications for their crimes, but anarchy never accomplishes anything good. As Martin Niemoller said about the Nazi SS, “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.””

American leaders are cowering from the issue because of the racial connotations. They are victims of a systematic campaign of percepticide. Like the victims of sexual abuse, they have had their historical perspective and value systems hijacked by a persistent threat of personal and political destruction. Too many have become Stockholm Syndrome acolytes in the Progressive Jihad.

Americans are the fairest and most socially conscious citizens on Earth. For two and a half centuries we have led the world in feeding the poor, protecting human rights, and fighting wars to protect human dignity and liberty. 

We have a long history of confronting bullies: Lincoln demanded freedom for the slaves, Roosevelt stood up to Hitler, Kennedy said no to segregationists, and Reagan forced the Russians to “tear down” the iron curtain. The idea that Americans lack a social conscience is a Marxist provocation with no merit.  

We are, however, suffering from a lack of leadership. Unlike our Founding Fathers who stood up to tyranny, our current leaders are America’s Foundling Fathers, a collection of weak, directionless, political cowards who have abandoned our national family. 

Rick Elkin is an artist, author, and columnist. His most recent book, The Illusion of Knowledge: Why So Many Educated Americans Embrace Marxism, is available at most online booksellers. He resides in Escondido, California. You can follow him at

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  1. Walt Meadows says:

    Rick is “right on”. I hope this awakens the “silent” majority to gets busy, demanding our elected officials to do their duty and serve and protect the majority, and not just a few misguided thugs.

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