Escondido, CA

Organic farm and training center faces foreclosure

Friends and supporters of Archi’s Acres, which is located on West Lilac Road, have organized to raise money to help Karen and Colin Archipley, owners of the highly regarded hydro-organic farm to keep it open.

The farm is known far and wide for its organic basil. 

The Archipleys are on Go Fund me and other sites trying to raise $100,000 to make the loan payments that they have fallen behind on.  This will leave them with enough money for supplies and salaries to keep providing the best organic basil and other produce to their customers.  They need to pay vendors for propane, fertilizer, utilities, and building costs. There is no money to pay the staff.

They funded the farm in 2006 and besides being an organic farm it is a veterans’ training center for sustainable agriculture with 450 graduates, to date; and a California Benefit Corporation.

This situation arose because the Archipleys were promised a big contract with a very large company to sell them basil and other produce. In anticipation, they took out a large loan to pay for the construction of a needed greenhouse. The greenhouse was completed, but the big company backed out leaving the Archipleys with a massive debt and no added income to support paying the loan.

Colin is the veteran of three tours in Afghanistan. When he returned he determined to help fellow veterans. His efforts are chronicled in a newly released film, “The Farm,” which can be accessed at

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