Escondido, CA

One thing we can be sure of

The one thing we can all be sure of is change. This could not be more evident than what we’ve witnessed over these last 12 months. Businesses have closed and some have opened. Loved ones have passed and new babies have been born. We have new City Council and soon we will have a new City Manager. Businesses have adapted where they could, many quite creatively and some have chosen to close to wait it out. Hope springs eternal for our local economy. We’re anxious to open again, to say hello again, shake a hand or give a hug but, we’re told not yet so we wait.

My Dad fancied himself as cattle rancher. He would proudly walk his fields, work his cattle and felt at home doing this; it was his solace having helped raise nine kids. My mom’s peace was being a part of her church. She made and kept life-long friends through this community she built there.

I would watch the cattle march all in line following a well-worn path across a wide open field synchronizing, following each other wherever it was they were going when they knew it was feeding time. I remember asking myself why? And I remember thinking do not be a cow— follow your own path. Be different think different work hard to make things better and be sure to know you can always change.

I bring this up as I believe we all learn so much from our parents and have found the learning is metered out along our lifetime.

We’re coming up on the 1-year anniversary of the State-mandated shutdown and shelter in place orders. The full effect of this pandemic is not over.

Our hearts pour out to those who’ve passed during this period as many of us virtually grieve for the loss of family and friends.

I started this column talking about change and will circle back here at the end by saying this Chamber is changing too. We’re evolving, changing with a vision of where we need to be and what we need to become. We’re a proud voice for business in our community.

Be a part of the change.

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