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Sweet Lou’s Cactus Cooler Chicken



I love easy recipes! One of my favorite things is trying my family and friends’ culinary favorites. My sweet friend Lou let me give this one a go. I modified it a bit just to change it up slightly but not too much because the original is always the best.

The flavor is very lightly sweet and airy. The



cactus cooler soda is an unexpected meat tenderizer that I will definitely be using again!

Enjoy this easy, delicious meal on a weeknight during those warm summer nights. Sweet Lou knows how to do it up right!

Special thank you to Sweet Lou for being an incredible friend and an inventive cook that I am learning new techniques from.





4 chicken breasts
2 cups of Cactus Cooler soda
1 16 oz Sunny Delight OJ
2 Tbl Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 Tbl salt

Mix all above ingredients but save 1 Tbl of Montreal Seasoning for the grill. Marinate mixture and chicken overnight. Place chicken on the barbecue and lightly sprinkle the remainder of the Montreal seasoning on each chicken breast. Cook thoroughly and enjoy!

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