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Low Carb BLT



I love bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches during the summer time, but I was absolutely craving them this week. There is nothing like taking that first bite of the sandwich and tasting that salty goodness of the bacon and refreshing crunch of lettuce with the cool sweetness of ripe tomatoes. Here is a twist on a classic for you carb conscious people that is an easy lunch or weeknight




Serves 4
2 heads of Romaine hearts with the leaves taken away
gently and stems trimmed off
12 pieces of bacon cooked and cooled
2 tomatoes sliced into cubes
4 hardboiled eggs
1 cup Ranch dressing
Salt/pepper to taste
Lay out the romaine lettuce leaves and place cubed tomatoes, sliced hardboiled eggs and bacon into each leaf. Drizzle over some ranch dressing and
salt/pepper. Easy and delicious! Enjoy!

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