Escondido, CA

Olga Diaz to review her 12 years in office

Retiring Escondido city council member Olga Diaz will recap her dozen years on the council at next Wednesday’s council meeting November 18. This will be Diaz’s last meeting in the capacity of council member.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend by watching the meeting on the city’s website:

Also on the agenda, the council will vote on whether to award a bid for $257,644 for the Multi Neighborhood Street Light L.E.D. Retrofit Project – Phase 2.  This is funded by $330,541 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

The council will be asked to annex two 21 units projects into the Citywide Services Community Facilities District (CFD).

Earlier this year the Council was provided the results of the Keyser Marston Fiscal Impact Analysis (“KMA”) which showed that the cost to provide municipal services to new residential development exceeds revenue by $536 to $783 for each new residential unit per year.

The council later formed a CFD to offset ongoing municipal costs of services resulting from new development (Services CFD). The council now requires that new projects annex into the CFD to help offset municipal expenses.

The council will vote on a staff recommendation to pay SDG&E $174,300 as required by the agreement with the facility for design and pre-order of materials necessary to relocate transmission electric lines in conflict with the Citracado Parkway Extension Project .

The council will also be asked to approve the annexation of five parcels on North Iris Lane into the city. Hallmark Communities has told the city it intends to build up to 90 units on the site. 

The council will also be asked to approve of raising fees for some city services, including User Fees for the Planning, Building, Engineering, Fire Prevention, and Utilities Administration departments. A recent study determined that the city was not recovering all of the costs of the services with existing fees. 

One such fee is for staying all night at Dixon Lake’s camping facilities. According to the staff report, “Increasing the camping rate from $25 per night to $30 per night for standard campsites and from $35 per night to $50 per night for deluxe campsites will put the City more in line with benchmark campsite rental fees of local agencies with similar amenities.”

The council will also be asked to approve amendments to the 2020-2021 Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) Annual Action Plan to provide funding for the following:

1) Replacement of playground equipment in four parks – $775,000;

2) Installation of new safety lighting at Jesmond Dene Park parking lot – $150,000; 3) Preservation of the Hoffman Victorian at the Escondido History Center – $50,000; 4) Increasing capacity of the Graffiti Removal Project – $17,500

5) Outdoor improvements at the Park Avenue Community Center – $200,000; and 6) Improvements to the Urban Corps educational building – $100,000.

The council will also hold a hearing on the Nutmeg Homes Project – South Portion proposal for the development of 97 townhome units on more than five acres south of North Nutmeg Street between North Centre City Parkway and Interstate 15.

Finally, the council will vote on the staff proposal to use of the Prop 68 Per Capita Grant in the amount of $271,303 to fund a “John Masson Memorial Bike Park” in Jesmond Dene Park.

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