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Old fishing reels are reeling in big interest

Paul Berinson, a professional tackle collector.

Old saltwater and freshwater fishing tackle is worth a lot of money to collectors. Sometimes a colorful old lure or reels fishing-themed packaging and boxes are worth more than the actual product that was sold inside.

Paul Berinson, a professional tackle collector and tackle company owner in Temecula, is a 20-year member of the Old Reel Collector’s Association (ORCA). He will be the guest speaker at the March 13 meeting of the Senior Anglers of Escondido.

ORCA is a non-profit organization started in 1990 with the purpose of collecting and distributing historical and technical data regarding old fishing reels and their development, inventors, and manufacturers. 

Most saltwater anglers know that one of the most popular reel manufacturers, Penn Reels, is hard to identify as to the time period of manufacture. Since 1932, the top quality brand hasn’t use a serial numbers on its reels that would help establish its age. Berinson invites attendees to the club meeting to bring their old Penn Reels and he will help establish time periods and what they may be worth. 

The club’s meetings are held the second Friday of each month, open to all anglers age 50 and above, at the Park Avenue Community Center, 210 Park Ave., Escondido. Meetings start at 9:30 a.m. 

Members of the club enjoy fishing tournaments and charters, picnics, RV camping, and community service to help kids go fishing. or Senior Anglers of Escondido on Facebook.

An old Penn Reel. Many are collectors’ items.

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