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Now Morasco is “Old Timer”

On December 9, 2020 two new members will take the oath of office and be seated on the Escondido City Council dais along with one re-elected Council member. Welcome newbies Tina Inscoe and Joe Garcia and the now senior member of the Council Mike Morasco. I’m sure the other four elected will refer to Morasco as the “old timer” but with a smile on their faces. I just hope he is prepared for four years of good natured ribbing and I do believe I will join in the jesting referring both to age and tenure. Oh my, I think I just took the first jab. I’m smiling Mike.

It will be interesting to find out how the installation will be conducted. With our current mandated personal distancing requirements (I will not refer to this as social distancing) will the presiding officer swear in each council member in the chambers? 

I believe this can be done but then where do the newly sworn council members go from there? There is enough room on the dais to safely seat them. Olga Diaz will make her final comments from her office as Consuelo Martinez makes her way down to the Chambers to be seated after moving the City Attorney to one of the presentation desks. Ah, the logistics to get this done should give City Manager Jeff Epp a challenging task. Should be interesting.

Some weeks back I wrote about the Adobe Section in SE Escondido. Now the adobe home that served as the sales office for the newly created subdivision many decades ago will be demolished. It is in fact an historic structure but as happens to vacant buildings it suffered tremendous destruction the past few years and is beyond repairable. I remember dining there at Los Amigos Restaurant over 45 years ago and also at Hacienda de Vega after it opened about 12 years ago. This reminded me of another incident involving an historic adobe structure.

Long time Escondido residents will remember the old police department located in an adobe building on Valley Boulevard which today is part of the grassy knoll in front of the old Palomar Hospital. Just as has happened with the removal of the aforementioned adobe home a hue and cry rose from the preservationist public regarding the demolishing of the PD building. This occurred in the late 1970’s when a new PD was built just west of Quince St.. Many folks stated that the historic building should be saved—which as it turned out was not only impracticable but also not possible.

When you hear the song “it’s A Small World After all” you instantly think of Disneyland. OK, now like you I will hear that song all day as it gets embedded in your brain. You’re welcome. Another theme song that is so recognizable is from the Jeopardy TV game show. I, as many of you are, am a huge fan of Jeopardy not just due to the format but also of Alex Trebek who hosted Jeopardy for over 36 years a Guinness World Record for hosting a TV program. Sadly Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this past Sunday. RIP Alex ,it was a great run.

In 1964, while serving in the US Army at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, another guy in my company and I drove to Steve’s Drive-In in the Sky in downtown Fayetteville. It was a car hop with a DJ room on top of the restaurant who played customer requests. Tim said he knew the DJ and we went upstairs where I was introduced to Jack White. He was a “short timer” at Ft. Bragg working a part time gig. You vets will know what that means. When I moved to Escondido in 1973 I tuned into Ch. 10 and there was Jack White serving as a reporter. White later became a very much liked anchor on Ch. 10. Remember the “unknown eater”? I met him again at an MDA North County Telethon hosted by the Escondido Jaycees in 1975 and reminded him of our first meeting. He was always very comfortable behind a mic. Alas, he passed on to the big studio in the sky a few weeks ago.

And now the reason you read this column. On two pickups were HVYDDTY and DMAXZR2. The following is a good message for us all KEEPF8H.   

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