Escondido, CA

No one cited during impromptu car show

Contrary to a news report last week the gathering last Tuesday, August 30, of 2,500 car enthusiasts for Krispy Kreme Tuesday on Westfield North County Mall in Escondido was not an illegal gathering, and the Escondido po­lice did not issue any citations.

The location of each such event is announced on Facebook 30 minutes before it happens, and then the partici­pants swoop in from all directions.

Although Escondido police, Cali­fornia Highway Patrol and San Diego police responded to the gathering, the participants were not ordered to dis­perse.

According to Ed Varso, spokesman for the EPD, “We did not clear the gathering. The gathering was not il­legal. We monitored the gathering to ensure no illegal activity occurred. The event ended on its own around 11 p.m.”

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