Escondido, CA

No Lead Detected at Schools Served by Rincon Water District

Recent tests conducted at schools served by the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District (Rincon Water) found that no lead is present in the drinking water, meeting and surpassing the Environmental Protection Agency’s guideline of 15 parts per billion or less.

Working with the school districts, Rincon Water tested the water for lead at four Escondido school campuses which included North Broadway Elementary, Miller Elementary, Bernardo Elementary, and Calvin Christian Schools, over the course of a month. The water was tested at five points within each site, including drinking fountains and food service fixtures. The tests, paid for by Rincon Water, covered the costs of collecting samples, conducting analysis, and reporting the results to the State of California as well as to the schools.

As required by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Division of Drinking Water, and as a proactive measure aimed at safety, Rincon Water provided free water testing to detect the presence of lead for the schools within its service area. Although California’s drinking water is generally at a low risk for lead contamination, lead can sometimes be found in some individual, private pipes and fixtures at older school locations whose pipes may have been joined with lead solder before it was banned by the Federal Safe Water Drinking Act in 1986.

“We are pleased to announce that the lab results report that lead is not present in the drinking water at any of the four schools,” said Clint Baze, Rincon Water’s Director of Engineering and Operations. “This is great news,” reported Rincon Water’s General Manager, Greg Thomas. “We’re happy to continue to facilitate the partnership with our schools to ensure that students continue to have access to clean, lead-free drinking water while on campus.”

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