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No facts, no evidence . . . yep, a new religion

Are you at all concerned, at all worried that the State of Texas asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the results of voting in four other states, so to create a path for overturning the presidential election. The lawsuit claimed fraud in those states, offering no common or required legal thinking or supporting evidence . . . nada, zero, zilch.

Well, I’m not really concerned about this — I’m frightened. 

I’m frightened by the possibility that I’m having a dream, a dream in which Joe Biden won the election and I’ll wake up to discover the nightmare reality:  that the Supreme Court not only considered this case but then actually ruled for the plaintiffs, handing Trump the next four years and continuing chaos to Americans.

This would be truly hair-raisingly awful. Such a scenario would be the final step in Trump’s strategy to overturn the basic institutions of American democracy and solidify himself as a Middle East-style autocrat. And the initial result of invalidating the votes of 80 million Americans? —  at the very least riots in every American city. 

This lawsuit was only the latest, most shameful manifestation of his attempt to break the American legal system, for instance, with his pardons of loyalists and his proposing to pardon – even before the inevitable trials and findings of guilt – the members of his family (especially noteworthy because preemptively indicting and finding them guilty of crimes). 

And then there is the most wildly absurd example of these efforts:  considering the possibility of pardoning himself, essentially transforming the “rule of law” into the “rule of lawlessness,” guaranteeing no consequences at all for himself or any future president’s crimes. 

But even with the Supreme Court’s common sense ruling, just as frightening is the Republican backing of this charade:  the fact that several attorneys general and 100 Republican House representatives supported this effort and that most GOP lawmakers refused to call it what it was: stupid and anti-American. 

Did none of these sock puppets consider either the Constitution or the worst consequences of the Supremes ruling in their favor:  the invalidation of the Electoral College (whatever its weaknesses); a total distrust of any future election(s); and a single individual wiping out the will of 80 million voters.  

Of course, it’s easy to dismiss this and other similar fraudulent suits, and Trump’s continuing refusal to accept defeat, as psychosis, madness certified. But that really doesn’t convey what is actually happening here — the unfolding of a new religion:  Trumpism.

As with other religions, the essence of Trumpism is that there is no need for demonstrable fact – all you need is faith, unwavering belief in the unseen, the unverifiable, what you are told to believe, must believe, period.

Trumpism fits all the characteristics of most religions:  

– A close band of disciples – in this case, the administrative sycophants that have supported His every whim, His every pronouncement.

– Beyond discipleship, a large and growing band of adherents, among these fanatics, freedom-addled “soldiers” who support the Master with threats of violence and, yes, actual violence.

– A Mecca-like “holy” place to which the Master’s adherents pilgrimage to demonstrate their fealty – in this case a Florida resort for exercising His favorite sacred ritual, a cart-enabled 18 (or so) rounds.

– Miracles – basically the Master’s unproven “aspirations,” contradicting everyday reality:  the virus is just going to go away; it can be defeated by one or another unproven and untested liquid or drug; that if a vaccine is actually found to be useful, it was primarily the master’s accomplishment. 

– That the Master, if Obamacare is defeated, could provide an alternative health plan beneficial to all.

– Commandments.

Well, we haven’t yet seen all 10 commandments of Trumpism, but following are those we have thus far observed in action:

– Thou shalt not ever, ever doubt the Master, no matter what foolishness or conspiracy theory He proposes.

– You must transform and accept any of the Master’s lies as facts.

– Always refer to fact-enabled journalists as “enemies of the people.”

– Treat all women as useful appliances; disparage all those that aren’t the Master’s “type.”

– Consider all immigrants as “others,” unable to be truly American; do whatever you can to limit any further entry.

Once shoe-horned out of the Oval Office, Trump will continue to build this religion via Twitter and “campaign” appearances. Even his likely jailing for financial misdeeds will build discipleship by making him a political martyr. 

Incarceration, of course, gave Hitler the time to write a book. And for Trump it will only provide the opportunity to compile and publish “Tweets to Live By:  the Philosophy and Phulminations of The Donald,” or, more simply, “Make America Mine Again.”

*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

7 responses to “No facts, no evidence . . . yep, a new religion”

  1. larry r markey says:

    Mr. Don, your rant is just a big joke, Texan sized, cuz’ you don’t believe in Religion!

  2. Stein says:

    You can’t really believe that 80 million people voted for Biden, can you? He had no platform, held no rallies, and chose a running mate that dropped out early in the nomination process, and you think that he truly amassed 80,000,000 legitimate votes?

    As more news emerges I believe that the truth will become clear. I suggest trying Melatonin (natural) or Sominex (OTC) to help with your sleep. As for me, I am not one bit concerned or worried one bit (worry solves nothing anyway), and the truth will set you free.

    • Robert G says:

      I’m a hardcore Republican and have voted by party since I was of age to vote. I voted for Trump in 16 but observing his behaviors over the last four years forced me to vote for Biden this run. My vote was not for Biden rather was against another four years of a reality tv president that cares only for himself. Make the presidency boring again.

  3. Barb C says:

    Your nightmare and my dream could come true. A longshot but possible. Trump 4 more years. If you want to rant about something try ranting over Eric Swalwell who never met a microphone he didn’t love when he was lying about Russian collusion..Its about the China collusion and Swalwell’s special arrangement with a Chinese spy. Rant him off the Intelligent committee. The other China collusion would be Hunter Biden and his daddy. Pay for play Biden.

  4. Barb C says:

    Did you censure my comment? What didn’t you like? The truth about Swalwell or Biden??? It didn’t suit your opinion? Great paper, another one that censures. You have been relegated to the bird cage.

    • admin says:

      No Barb – it’s a Sunday morning and our office is closed. You’ve never commented on our site before, so it was held for approval…as a notice was displayed when you posted your comment alerted you of such delay… if you must know before jumping to conclusions.

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