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New specimens to be prepared at Roynon Museum

Soon three full skeletons of a prehistoric dog, horse and saber-toothed cat from at least 20 million years ago will join the collection at Escondido’s Roynon Museum of Earth Science & Paleontology.

On Saturday, August 26 two experts in specimen preparation from the San Diego Natural History Museum will arrive at the Roynon Museum to prepare three exhibits to be added to the public collection. They will join Keith Roynon, founder, president and CEO of Roynon to prepare the new exhibit.

The specimens are rare and may be among the only ones of their kind on exhibit in the United States.

Besides Roynon, the preparators are Christopher Plouffe, Lead Fossil Preparator/Paleontological Monitor at the San Diego Natural History Museum since 2004 and Jennifer Brennan, Preparator/Vertebrate and Invertebrate Fossils Volunteer at the San Diego Natural History Museum, since 2007.

The preparators came courtesy of Thomas Demere, Ph.D., who has been the curator of Paleontology/ and director of PaleoServices at the Natural History Museum, since 1994, and who has been with the museum since 1979.

Sherry Bauer, director of education & special events at Roynon, contacted Dr. Demere to seek his assistance with the exhibit.

The three full skeletons are from the Middle Oligocene Epoch (33.9-23.3 million years ago), found in the Brule Formation of the White River Badlands in Shannon County, South Dakota. They include:

• 3-toed Horse, Mesohippus bairdi

• Primitive Dog, Daphoenodon superbus

• Saber-toothed Cat, Hoplophoneus primaevus

The Roynon Museum is located 457 East Grand Avenue, Suites 1-3. Questions? Call 442-999-4449.

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