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New joint venture will deliver pot straight to the consumer

Giving new meaning to the term “joint venture” an Escondido-based company has formed a partnership that will enable the delivery straight to the consumer of marijuana-based products. Consumers will be able to download an app and arrange for delivery to their door.

The Times-Advocate this week talked to board member Robert Coale of the Escondido-based Marijuana Company of America about its goals now that it has bought a 20% share in the Natural Plant Extract of California (NPE), which has licenses for cannabis extraction, distribution and delivery.

“We bought a 20 percent share in NPE, which has four licenses,” said Coale. “We established a joint venture, Northern Viva Buds, for non-store front delivery. We will be announcing specifics soon.”

The product will be delivered straight to the consumer, beginning first in Los Angeles and then expanding into other areas, including San Diego and Santa Barbara, Coale said.

“I think we are looking at June or July,” for rolling out the business, said Coale. MCOA’s operation in Escondido will be the management side of the business. NPE’s office in Lynwood will be the distribution center, he said.

“We are excited about this new phase,” said Coale. “We are going to be adding technology and distribution to the joint venture. The technology includes an interactive website and downloadable app from the iTunes store and Google Play. Consumers would be able to order online or download the app and order that way, he said.

The Times-Advocate asked how transactions would be managed, since marijuana is still a federally-controlled substance, and so banks have so far been discouraged from providing financial services.

Coale said that probably electronic accounts could be set up. “Another avenue would be cash payment,” he said.

3 responses to “New joint venture will deliver pot straight to the consumer”

  1. John LaMantia says:

    Do you need a medical card.

  2. Edward says:

    Yo what is this companys name that’s tryjng to do this? And are they hiring?

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