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My bills are moving

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75th Assembly District

The Legislature is moving into the frantic last few months of the current session, and I am happy to report two more of my bills, AB 1754 and AB 1764, appear to be progressing toward final Assembly approval.

Since San Diego County is home to a large retired popula­tion, it also attracts criminals who prey on the elderly and on dependent adults.

San Diego County’s Adult Protective Services agency con­firmed a total of 1,148 unique cases of elder and dependent adult financial abuse over the past year.

In response, I introduced As­sembly Bill 1754, which sets up a two-year pilot project in San Diego County, financed through the Victims’ Compensa­tion Program, to provide mental health and financial counseling to victims of these crimes.

AB 1754 recently passed both the Public Safety and Aging and Long Term Care committees with wide bi-partisan support. Additional hearings are pending in the Appropriations Commit­tee.

Assessing the fiscal impact of health care policies can be difficult, especially under the current 12 month fiscal analy­sis required by the California Health Benefit Review Program (CHBRP).

A review after 12 months may not capture the full impact of legislation that creates a com­plex health care mandate, or of new treatments which may show higher costs up-front but better patient outcomes and success rates in the longer-term with actual cost savings.

AB 1764, which allows for two- and five-year analysis un­der CHBRP, passed the Health Committee in a bi-partisan vote on April 19, and has also been referred to Appropriations.

I will provide more updates on my legislation as we prog­ress through the last year of the 2015-2016 session.

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