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Museum’s Woolly Mammoth has accident: needs help

The Roynon Museum’s Woolly Mammoth skull before it fell off the wall.

The Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology is giving a shout out to all its friends and supporters.  

The museum’s beloved Woolly the Mammoth has met with an accident.  “While our hearts are broken, Woolly’s cranium, mandible, and one tusk is even worse,” Sherry Bauer, Roynon Museum’s director of education & special events told the Times-Advocate.

How did it happen?

“Unfortunately the wall anchors that were holding into the wall gave way after almost three years,” said Bauer. “ I came in yesterday morning to find it that way.”

The museum is implementing a fund-raising drive to help repair Woolly.  “He is one of the favorites of our visitors and the hundreds of children that come through the museum each year.  We knew it would be expensive to have him repaired and it is just not in our budget.  So, he will be taken off display until we can raise the funds to have him fixed,” said Bauer.  

If you or your children have enjoyed seeing him, the Roynon Museum is asking you to help with this effort?  They need to raise a minimum of $3,000 to get him shipped, repaired and back on display; any amount will help.  

All donations are tax deductible as the museum is an Educational 501(c)3, non-profit.  

Available ways to donate are:  

    send a check to: Roynon Museum, 457 East Grand Avenue, Suites 1-3, Escondido, CA 92025

    call or visit their website to donate by credit card

    stop on in to drop cash in the designated donation box

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. And it’ll be expensive to fix. So any help you can give is welcome.

One response to “Museum’s Woolly Mammoth has accident: needs help”

  1. Jessica says:

    OH NO! I visited the museum years ago as a young Girl Scout, and I recently got the opportunity to visit the new location now as an adult. This is one of the most intimate and extensive collections around! The exhibits are rare, of great quality, and simply phenomenal. Just think, if every kid that ever visited would donate just one dollar, they could likely fix the Woolly…and do a whole lot more! If every teacher that has taken a class to visit the museum would donate $5-$10+, he’d be fixed in no time. Maybe some of the current Girl/Boy Scout troops could do a fund raiser, so the next time they go to earn their merit badge, Woolly would be back on display…?! This is a great town where we support each other in so many ways.. come on, let’s do this!

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