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Mural on ECCDC wall will celebrate Escondido history, culture

) Workers making adobe bricks are among the many historical memories of the city celebrated by the mural.

The Times-Advocate just stumbled across a feel-good story, alerted by Jim Wiese, executive director Escondido Community Child Development Center, located at 819 W. 9th Avenue.

A mural is being painted on the outside block wall (180 feet long) that will celebrate Escondido’s history and culture.  The mural is part of a project funded by the City of Escondido CDBG  (Community Development Block Grant) funding, Escondido Charitable Foundation and ECCDC.   

Two local artist Leslie Mayer and Cindy Peters are hand painting the mural.  The wall faces 9th Avenue, just over the hill from I-15 leading into Escondido.  The artists are working on the wall daily.

The wall is on property owned by the Escondido Community Child Development Center. It was constructed by local contractor Enrique Morales.

The mural is a walk through Escondido history and culture – from San Pasqual Valley to Lake Hodges to Lawrence Welk’s in the North.    In between are things that remind you of the old days – Felicita making tortillas, masons making adobe blocks, Rube’s market, Lake Hodges, Safari Park, Ups and Down Roller Rink, Cruisin’ Grand, the Joor Muffler man, Kit Carson Park, Grape Day Park, Daley ranch, avocados, oranges, grapes and many other memories of Escondido.

Estimated date of competition is early April.

The Lake Hodge segment of the mural.

 “I have lived in Escondido for over 40 years and the opportunity to be part of a project that celebrates the history and culture of Escondido, is an honor,” said artist Leslie Mayer.

“Many of the places we are painting about, I grew up with,”  said Artist Cindy Peters, an Escondido resident since 1955.

“This walk through Escondido History will be a wonderful addition to the Escondido Community,”  said Jim Wiese.  “We are honored that ECCDC can be a part of the project and thank the City of Escondido and the Escondido Charitable Foundation for providing grants to make it a reality.”

When they applied for the grants, the city statistics were that there are over 20,000 cars a day that travel on 9th Avenue. There is a four-way stop light so many people will have a chance to see the wall.

ECCDC was founded in 1974 by then Escondido Mayor Lorraine Boyce and Early Childhood Educator Ruth Clothier.  Today, ECCDC has two locations serving over 400 low income families each year with Early Childhood Education. 

Leslie Mayer and Cindy Peters working on the 180 ft. mural next to Escondido Community Child Development Center.

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