Escondido, CA

Multiple stabbing Monday morning

Four Escondido people sustained stab wounds, none of them life-threatening, Monday morning when a man became upset with his family and began stabbing them.

According to Escondido Police Department spokesman Lt. Kevin Toth, “We received a 911 call at 10:46 a.m. about a family violence incident involving Abdiel Sarabia (DOB 04/01/1987) at a home in the 800 block of W. Lincoln Ave.”

Lt. Toth continued, “Officers learned that Mr. Sarabia had become upset with his family members and attacked his aunt with a knife.  She sustained injuries to her face, neck, and arms.  Other family members attempted to intervene and three of them sustained injuries.  All of the injuries were not life threatening.  Mr. Sarabia was located and arrested nearby.  We are still investigating what lead up to the stabbing and all of the circumstances surrounding the event.  Mr. Sarabia was later booked into the Vista jail.”

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  1. wold rather not say says:

    I was out on my front lawn that day with my family members and we then say a guy with long hair he was shirt less running covered in blood he was talking to someone in a car while running I don’t know what he said but to me it looked like he was trying to get help we then saw a baldish tall man chasing him he had the knife up to he’s head like if he had a helmet on trying to keep it in place while running after that they ran past our house my uncle and my mom went to where the police had the men she told me they where both hand cuffed and sitting one the curb she then told me she recognized the guy he used to sell honey to us and she remembered a time she was talking to him and out of nowhere he yield out BICH to a random car that pasted by my mom was confused but the mans mother said he had mental issues to just ignore it (I was talking about the man that had the knife, he also had on a shirt and boxers only when we saw him and that’s all I know about the incident

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