Escondido, CA

Motorcycle shop owner bristles over T-A story

The owner of Twisted Motor­sports is curbing his tongue so he won’t get in any more trouble with the City of Escondido.

Alvino Alvarez, owner of Twisted Motorsports, said he was surprised about all the fuss about the “heightened police presence” and the threat that a “violent motorcycle gang” was supposedly having a party at his shop over the March 5 and 6 weekend, as reported by The Times-Advocate.

“We’re all family members and we got doctors. We got attorneys. We got everybody,” Alvarez said. “This is a motorcycle community.”

“We’re a shop and we don’t care who you are, we’re color blind. We allow anybody to come in and get service,” he said.

“(The article) just paints us in such a horrible light and we ended up getting evicted and we had to move to the city of Vista,” which gave his motorcycle business a li­cense “within a day.”

He said the shop is “just re­grouping” and that Escondido au­thorities gave them three days to move.

“There’s nothing gang-affiliat­ed of us,” Alvarez said.”

“Eighty percent of my custom­ers are military. Are they saying 80 percent of the military are gang related?” he added.

He told the Times-Advocate that he was sorry that he couldn’t say anymore, and that he would be better off “keeping my mouth shut.”

His new shop is located at 589 Olive Ave., Building C, Suite 300 in Vista.

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