Escondido, CA

Most “social distancing” complaints unfounded says mayor McNamara

In his weekly video address to the city Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara noted that the Escondido Police Department answers all calls of complaint about persons allegedly violating the social distancing and mask requirements for businesses.

As he does each week in his video (which can be accessed on the city’s website) the mayor emphasized that the city is following the lead of the County Dept. of Health in all things related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It’s important to state that health as a public service is at the county level. Like all the cities we follow the guidance of the county and the state,” said McNamara.

He said there is a lot of misinformation on social media about what the rules are, and he advised everyone to visit the city website to find out the truth.

He noted that Dixon Lake, Lake Wohlford and Daley Ranch are all closed to the public. The parking lots of all of the city parks are closed, which means that although people can legally walk through them to get exercise, they have to be within walking distance and can’t drive to reach them. 

The mayor noted that the Escondido Police Department investigates every report that it receives about violations of the rules related to COVID-19. “The overwhelming number of complaints are unfounded, but we answer them all,” he said.

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