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More water for farms



My Assembly Bill 2438, joint au­thored with Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (D – Sherman Oaks), will simplify the CEQA process gov­erning installation of new recycled water pipelines in urban areas, within existing public streets, highways or rights-of-way for the distribution of reclaimed water. I am pleased to report the bill passed the Assembly.

By streamlining new pipeline con­struction, AB 2438 will help us here in our district as water reclaimed at the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility in Escondido will reach more local farms, golf courses, parks, and industries. Our farms will benefit when reclaimed water can reach them. Their new scientific innovations allow them to store and use the reclaimed water on their crops. Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP),, has been working with the City of Es­condido to expand the use of recycled water for agriculture. According to Eddie Grangetto, Jr. of EGAP, AB 2438 , “…will expedite expansion of local water storage and conveyance facilities.”

Recycling water has a positive im­pact on the environment. It will help California meet its 2030 goal of creat­ing 2.5 million additional acre-feet of recycled water. Millions of acre-feet of potentially recyclable water cur­rently discharged into the ocean will be reduced, limiting beach closures and ocean contamination. Other environmental benefits include less reliance on the Colorado River, the State Water Project, on local lakes, along with reduced energy costs.

Supporters include the City of Escondido, California Farm Bureau Federation, San Diego County Farm Bureau, Southwest California Legis­lative Council, California Chamber of Commerce, and local water districts including Rincon, Valley Center and others.

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