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Molly’s Column

School enters the fourth quarter

Ahhhhh…..Can you smell it in the air? Taste the goodness in the foods you eat? Can you hear it as soon as you step outside with the birds? Yes, it is spring and that means that we, Valley Center Middle School, have moved on from the 3rd quarter and saying hello to the 4th and last quarter of the school year. Let’s make this one count, set challenging goals for yourself so that by the time summer hits you can say, “I’m proud of myself”. Then we will never want summer break to end because we know we worked so hard.

Spring break is approaching fast! We have less than a week and some change. After break we will have only 9 weeks of school left until summer! As my grandpa Martineau always says, “Only 9 more Wednesday’s left”. Let’s start 4th quarter with some motivation, “If you work hard enough one day you will be standing in the ‘Hall of Fame’. Your signature can one day be an autograph” Let’s do this VCMS!

The last school dance is April 24th and fast approaching. You don’t want to miss it. The theme is ‘Dancing with the Stars’ which is a space theme. So don’t miss out on the last school dance party. This is the time to show off all those great dance moves you’ve been saving up or practicing at home. Dance until you drop!

Congratulations to all of the cast members of the play, High School Musical. You made my mouth drop and you impressed many. I am still in the WOW factor of how you memorized all of those lines and moves. You all did AMAZING!

April 10th is Stripe’s and Polka Dots day at school. Deck out in stripes and or dot patterns for school. Earn spirit points for your grade. So far the standings are: 1st place: 6th grade, 2nd place 8th grade and 3rd place is 7th.

Turn in as many white socks or spare change to your 1st period teacher and join Mrs. Coltrera’s 1st period class for a little competition for the most collected.

That is all for today. Have a great rest of your week and I will see you next time.

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